The Association of students of educational sciences Futuri Magistri was founded on October 24, 2016. The preliminary initiator of the Association was the then Vice-dean for developmental and professional work at the Faculty of Education in Osijek, Associate Professor Emina Berbić Kolar, PhD. The Association was established with the aim of promoting professional and scientific development and promotion of members of the Association, especially students and staff in the field of educational sciences, educational studies, connecting the members of the Association with other organizations at the Faculty, University and beyond, in Croatia and worldwide, and promoting youth volunteering and contributing to the achievement of a modern, free, democratic, pluralistic and a tolerant, non-violent society. In accordance with its goals, the Association operates in the fields of education, science and culture. All students of educational sciences regardless of their year of study can become a full member of the Association, as well as all employees of institutions that are scientifically and professionally engaged in education.

The first activity of the Association was the traditional humanitarian action Christmas Star, whose implementation required months of preparation, and is now a traditional manifestation held by the Association. The aim of the initiative is to achieve solidarity and cooperation among different social groups through active volunteering, and to raise funds to help solve social and existential problems of members of society at the local level. Students have been organizing their humanitarian activities in drama, dance, singing and playing groups, as well as creative and bakery workshops.

The association has implemented many projects over the years, the largest of which was Prepared for Climate Changes implemented as part of a European project LADDER (Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education & Raising awareness) and in partnership with Association of Local Democracy Agencies (France) and Croatian Association of Counties (Croatia) with the aim of realizing the programme DEAR (Development Education and Raising Awareness) of the European Union.

The Association publishes print and online editions of the Journal of Educational Sciences Foo2rama. The printed edition can be read in the library of the Faculty of Education, and the online edition can be found at