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Lidija Nikolić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

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Lidija Nikolić, Ph.D.


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Her research work focuses on the musical competence of primary education teachers, the development of the model of music education of future teachers, musical abilities, the method of teaching music in school and the method of teaching music in a teacher's study, the influence of music on the general development of the child, teaching vocal and instrumental music, music performance, and the psychological factors of acquisition and development of music competencies.


Lidija Nikolić graduated Music pedagogy study program at the Faculty of pedagogy, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, in 1996. In 2016 she acquired PhD at the doctorall studies of Science of music art - module of Music pedagogy in the Faculty of music art, University of art in Belgrade.

Since 1996, she has been a music teacher for studies for future primary school teachers and preschool teachers at the Faculty of pedagogy, and today at the Faculty of education, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek in the position of a senior lecturer. She teaches on subjects: Playing the music, Choir, Singing and playing, Music theory, Music culture, Music teaching methodology, Music listening, Music culture and methodology, Children's music creativity, Music with practice, Music in an integrated curriculum, Acquiring music literacy skills.She is an author of positively reviewed and adopted curricula of compulsory musical subjects in the teacher study in 1998, 2003 and 2005 and in 2002 and 2005 in the study for preschool teachers.

She exhibits papers at international scientific conferences in the field of music pedagogy and publishes scientific papers in Croatia and abroad.

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Vesna Svalina, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

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Vesna Svalina, Ph.D.


Associate professor


vsvalina@foozos.hr, vesna.svalina@gmail.com

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Social Sciences; Educational Sciences; Music Education


Vesna Svalina, PhD (1968) is an associate professor for music education at Faculty of Teacher Education (Department of Art, Music Subdepartment), University of Josip JurajStrossmayer in Osijek. She graduated from the study programme of music pedagogy of the University of Osijek (Faculty of Education) in 1991. She holds a Master of Music Education degree from the University of Zagreb (Music Academy, 2009) and a doctoral degree in early education and compulsory education from Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb (2013).

She is the author of the nineteen scientific papers and one book. She participated in numerous international scientific conferences at home and abroad. She is the managing editor of the journal Life and School (one of the leading pedagogical journals in Croatia) and head of the scientific research project Listening to music as an important subject area in the primary music curriculum. From 2009 to 2013 she was involved in the project Development of creativity in life-long teacher education. She has also given numerious concerts with the choirs, both in Croatia and abroad (Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland).

She won numerous prizes, both nationally and internationally, at different choir competitions (11 at national and 7 at international competitions). She also won three special prizes: for the best performance of the compulsory song, for best interpretation of song composed by Croatian composer and for the artistically most convincing conductor.

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Ana Popović, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Gordana Ercegovac-Jagnjić, Senior lecturer