The Faculty of Education, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, established the Career Development Centre for Students (CDCS FOOZOS) on December 20, 2018, with the aim of improving the quality of studying and continuous support for prospective future students, current students and graduates in the development of professional competences for the needs of the labour market.

The Career Development Centre for Students, as a Faculty unit, motivates prospective students to opt in FOOZOS study programmes, provide support for students throughout their academic years, assist and guide them in gaining experience and developing their careers, and liaise them with potential employers to increase the employability and competitiveness of students in the labour market.

The mission of the Career Development Centre for Students is to empower students in their personal and professional growth and development. Our mission is realized through the organization of additional trainings, forums, individual and group counselling, volunteer actions, socially useful learning and project activities which provide support, motivation and career directions to students in order to successfully overcome academic challenges, advance through study, and begin building their careers.

The target groups of the Centre’s users are students, alumni, employers, FOOZOS staff and partner organizations, as we want the Centre to be a gathering place for all teachers and professionals who can provide psychological and pedagogical assistance to students, strengthen students' academic and life skills and provide career advice.

The Centre's vision is to continuously assist in professional growth and development and to prepare students for the labour market.

Head of Career Development Centre for Students: Alma Škugor, Assistant Professor, PhD

Deputy head of the Center:  Marko Šošić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Art

Career Development Centre for Students