Head of the sub-department:

Goran Kujundžić, Full Professor, Ph.D. in Art

Name and Surname

Goran Kujundžić, Ph.D. in Art


Full Professor





Research interests

visual arts, drawing, ornament construction, geometric drawing, teaching methods in Arts


Earned a doctoral degree in 2014 fromthe Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (postgraduate doctoral programme on fine arts) with the dissertationVisualisation of the Permutation Principles Examined on the Ornamental Patterns from the Collection of Traditionally Used Textile Stored in Museum of Slavonia.

In 2003 was a graphic arts graduate at theAcademy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in the class of professor Miroslav Šutej.

Has authored and co-authored numerous exhibitions in Osijek, Zagreb, Vinkovci,Knin, Nova Gradiška etc; and abroad (Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania).

Has taught Visual Arts in a primary school, and has worked as a teacher of applied arts and design in a secondary school.


CROSBI Goran Kujundžić

Members of the sub-department:

Mira Perić, Full Professor with tenure, Ph. D in Art

Name and surname

Mira Perić, Ph.D. in Art


Full Professor with tenure



Office Nr.


Research interests

The art of drama, drama-in-education (DIE) and puppetry in education


Born 1/5/1961 in Tomašanci near Đakovo, Croatia. Graduated acting in 1984 at Academy of Dramatic Art at University of Zagreb. Played more than hundred important theatre roles and gained a status of principal drama artist. Besides acting, she also directs and writes drama. In 2013 she directed her own drama text Hana and Hana at Croatian National Theatre in Osijek. She played in TV dramas, soap operas, and was included in educational TV programme. In 2013 she celebrated 30 years of acting and got an award from Croatian Association of Actors for contribution to Croatian theatre and theatre arts. Since 1992 she teaches at Faculty of Education. She teaches Drama Education, Drama games, Puppetry, Puppetry games. She published a number of professional and scientific works. She is the author of a handbook Drama plays for preschool kids (2009), two poetry collections Cross-fade of theatre beauty (2009) and Ego Twilight (2012), four dramas in a book Women in Parts (2012), dramatization of Nazor's White deer (2012), monodrama Lioness's Revenge (2011), Reaching acting maturity(2018.).She is the head of Arts Department. She is a conductor of many projects, drama and puppetry workshops. She is a member of many theatre committees. She holds a number of letters of thanks, awards and honours (in 2009 she got a public honur Golden plaque „The City of Osijek Stamp“ for special achievements in theatre culture and education)...

List of publications (link to CROSBI)

  1. Drama plays for preschool kids (2009)
  2. Cross-fade of theatre beauty (2009)
  3. Ego Twilight (2012)
  4. Dramatization of Nazor's White deer (2012)
  5. Lioness's Revenge (2011)
  6. Women in Parts (2012)
  7. Reaching acting maturty (2018)
Jelena Kovačević, Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Art
Marko Šošić, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Art