1st Thematic ECHA Conference

The specific theme of the conference is CREATIVITY. The scientific studies of creativity, its relationship with innovation, and the established field of giftedness studies, are of crucial importance to gifted education and talent support due to the explicitly stated national and international educational objectives specifying creativity as the 21st-century skill to be fully developed in everyone. In order to more adaptively respond to the needs of our communities to educate and support their members to display socially productive creative behaviors and innovation in all walks of life, the findings on creativity must be communicated with the public. This conference aims to provide valuable thematically focused research insights on creativity as the most important topic for the education of the gifted.


Rok za slanje sažetka: 1. travnja 2019.

Obavijest o prihvaćanju sažetka do: 1. svibnja 2019.

Plaćanje kotizacije: 200 EUR do 1. srpnja 2019.

Održavanje koferencije: 16. - 18. listopada 2019.




The ECHA (European Council for High Ability)

Faculty of Education in Osijek (FOOZOS)


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